We designed this color to be the product of the original extinction, Tennessee Purple Coneflower No Longer Endangered: An Environmental Success Story, we use Purple Earth Apple for color mixing, exuding cool confidence and style.

“More than 30 years of protecting and expanding Tennessee purple coneflower colonies finally brought success to conservation partners,” “Thanks to the efforts of many people, along with adequate regulation, these populations have stabilized to the point that the species has recovered and no longer needs the protection of the Endangered Species Act.”

However, The findings could have interesting implications in our search for potentially habitable planets, as the telltale colors of a faraway planet's biosignature can be used to deduce whether it harbors Earth-like conditions for supporting life. 
Earth was probably purple billions of years ago, says NASA, 
Retinal-based phototrophic metabolisms are still prevalent throughout the world, especially in the oceans, and represent one of the most important bioenergetic processes on Earth.


We don't use exaggerated designs, We give you calm and high-quality products to let you enter your yoga world.


Our mats are always truly planet-friendly: we develop a unique rubber red bottom, the formula we researched is comfortable and soft, non-toxic, and PVC-free.

Unique Greenpeace PVC-Free Database.


Complimentary Yoga Mat bag included


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COLOUR: Purple Power
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