Looking to buy a yoga mat? If you think the only considerations are its colour and design, think again. Not all yoga mats are created equal. Here's how to make the best decision

We want you to be able to use and get the most out of your CLESIGN mat for as long as possible. So here is how to take care of it!


Frequently asked questions


For cleaning Original organic ecological mats and Cork Yoga Mat we recommend using the Detox Spray once a week with the light use or after each practice with heavy use, especially in hot yoga. Detox spray prevents and removes the build-up of your body's oils which can decrease grip over time.

NEVER fold or crease your mat, roll it up loosely.To make the best; Non-slip, self-cleaning and healthiest surface to practice on in the world we use ZERO adhesives and chemicals to bond the raw cork particles together. This is achieved only by heat and steam! If the cork surface does crack from folding or creasing, it is strictly visual and does not affect the feel or durability of the mat. Repair is easy. Simply use any clear drying wood glue (ex: Elmer's school glue). Loosely roll up your mat until the crack shows, add glue inside the crack. Unroll mat until flat and wipe off excess glue. Allow to thoroughly dry before using, according to the glue's instructions.

For cleaning Original Series Eco Yoga Towel
CLESIGN microfiber yoga towels are made with polyester microfiber, are super absorbent and quick drying, provide great grip - grabbing your yoga mat and holding you in place even when your practice gets sweaty- and are soft and lightweight - easy to carry and silky smooth!

You can wash your towel in the washing machine. Do not use fabric softener, just a detergent. It'll dry within half an hour in summer and roughly two hours in winter.


Want to keep your mat in tip-top shape? Click HERE to view our cleaning and care instructions. No expensive or potentially toxic (!) cleaning products are required, just a little bit of love and care.

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