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"Let CLESIGN ECO Sport be thy part of life and art of life be thy Life"

Meet Charlotte

There are many such places. Every man, every woman, carries in heart and mind the image of the ideal place, the right place, the one true home, known or unknown, actual or visionary. Only once in life, how to live, how to defend the world?

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Welcome to the CLESIGN family. We are honored to visit us! CLESIGN has created the enthusiasm of our children for yoga, surfing, sustainable development, travel and outdoors.

CLESIGN born in Taiwan 1989, from 2010 Taiwan subsidiary has independently become a sustainable brand and stand in Hong Kong, we process and export environmentally friendly raw materials; offering products and fitness equipment for the ECO Pilates body & mind training under the label CLESIGN® with the high quality.

CLESIGN stand for “Charlotte Design”, our Director Charlotte also our Chief Designer too. Charlotte makes sure beside produce an eco-friendly product, also it must design to be trendy/beautiful/attractive / innovation product. 

Charlotte Lin + DESIGN = CLESIGN(clesign). we create a positive feeling and thoughts that will never disappear. They exist in space, multiply and spread to others.We like to spread CLESIGN all over the world and hope you will.


As a result of the former family business, by the elders single-handedly hold the environmental protection raw materials industry until Charlotte took over changed all the different faces!


Buy a Mat, Plant a Tree

First, through our “Buy a Mat, Plant a Tree” program, we plant a tree for every mat sold. In other words, if you buy one mat, we will plant one tree.  If you buy 17 mats, we will plant 17 trees.  Due to the popularity of this program, we have extended it to all our products, so no matter what you buy (mat, towel or block), we will plant a tree.   Through this program.


歡迎來到CLESIGN家族。 我們很榮幸您來參觀!


CLESIGN代表“Charlotte Design”,夏洛特總監也是我們的首席設計師。夏洛特確保在生產環保產品的同時,還必須設計成新潮/美觀/有吸引力/創新的產品。

Charlotte Lin + DESIGN = CLESIGN(clesign)。我們創造一個永不消失的積極的感覺和想法。它們存在於太空中,繁殖並傳播給其他人。我們希望把CLESIGN傳播到世界各地,並希望你們願意。



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Erik Abel
Managing Director -Europe and

the United States

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Philip Yeung

Marketing Manager

(Asia market)
市場經理 (亞洲市場)


Hong Kong Brand 

Marketing Officer


Work with us to perpetuate​

There's power in partnership

Our the generous contributions give us the ability to do so much more. we are businesses and organizations find value in forming partnerships to support our work and demonstrate the commitment to the environment by planting trees. We inspire their customers by promising to plant a tree or trees when a product is purchased or a transaction.