ECO H2O Insulated 304 Vacuum Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Change the way you hydrate with a unique watercolor printed [clesign] bottle. Constructed with a sustainably harvested use Taiwan High-Quality
 bamboo top and Use UK High-Quality 18/8 food-grade stainless steel body and 304 food-grade stainless steel liner, this bottle use double-walled vacuum insulation technology to keep drinks cold up all day. Each bottle is wrapped in a layer of non-slip, condensation-free cork to prevent drops and dents, Cork comes from Morocco.
Made in the Philippines
No paint, no plastic and built to last a lifetime. This may be the only bottle you'll ever need.


Product size:

Many Bottle can options (Each style price the same)


  • 350ml 容量 (The most suitable for children/最適合小朋友)

  500ml 容量

  650ml 容量 

  700ml 容量


  • 8cm - 26cm Hhigh 高
  • 7.3cm Width 寬
  • 0.3-0.6 lbs Weight 重



  • LEAK PROOF and SWEAT PROOF - The deep groove seal technology together with a BPA FREE plastic seal ensures that this bottle remains leak proof and sweat proof.
  • DOUBLE WALL INSULATION - The double wall technology allows for drinks to be able to maintain their temperature for longer. COLD FOR 24 HOURS / HOT FOR 12. No matter what the exterior temperature is, your drink will remain the same inside the bottle.
  • STANDARD MOUTH SPOUT - The standard spout allows for easy drinking and enough space to drop in ice cubes. Keeping your beverage even cooler for longer. The polished design of this bottle coupled with an earthy bamboo lid cap will definitely stand out from the rest.
  • PREMIUM QUALITY STAINLESS STEEL - Your bottle consists of 304(18/8) stainless steel which provides a robust build for any occasion whether it be hiking, cycling, camping, gym or just to the office. Its special design along with its material is a testament to its durability.
  • Healthy materials, free of BPA, non-toxic, tasteless, food grade water-soluble coating
  • The bottles Surrounded by the Cork are also 100% sweat proof, which means you can have peace of mind when storing the bottle in your travel bag or backpack.
  • The double insulation also makes the bottle perfectly safe to touch and grasp no matter how hot its contents are.

  • The bottle is remarkably light and won't weigh you down when you're on the go.




  • 使用台灣高品質竹做頂蓋。
  • 使用進口英國AALCO的優質18/8食品級不銹鋼做為瓶子外層
  • 使用進口英國AALCO的304食品級不銹鋼做為瓶子的內膽
  • 該瓶採用雙層真空絕緣技術,全天候保持飲料冷。
  • 使用摩洛哥的軟木;每個瓶子都被包裹在一層防滑的天然軟木,無冷凝的軟木塞中,以防止掉落和凹陷,來自摩洛哥。

沒有油漆,沒有塑料,環保一輩子。 這可能是你唯一需要的瓶子。



  • 防漏和防水防護 - 深溝密封技術以及無BPA的塑料密封確保了該瓶保持防漏和防汗。
  • 雙層牆壁絕緣 - 雙壁技術允許飲料能夠保持更長時間的溫度。冷卻24小時/熱12.無論外部溫度如何,您的飲料在瓶子內保持不變。
  • 標準噴嘴 - 標準噴口允許容易飲用,並有足夠的空間放在冰塊中。 保持飲料更長時間。 這個瓶子的拋光設計與一個泥土的竹蓋帽一定會脫穎而出。
  • 高品質不銹鋼 - 您的瓶子由304(18/8)不銹鋼組成,可為任何場合提供堅固的結構,無論是徒步旅行,騎自行車,露營,健身房還是剛到辦公室。 其特殊設計及其材料證明了其耐用性。
  • 健康材料,無BPA,無毒無味,食品級水溶性塗料。
  • 由軟木包圍的瓶子也是100%防汗,這意味著您可以將瓶子存放在旅行包或背包中時放心。
  • 雙重絕緣也使得瓶子完美安全地觸摸和掌握,無論它的內容多麼熱。
  • 瓶子非常輕巧,當您在路上時,不會對您造成壓力。

ECO H2O Insulated 304 Vacuum Stainless Steel Water Bottle

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  • Used materials and parts of the product are made out of a high-quality Stainless steel, metal parts are easily recyclable and harmless. Products contain no BPA (bisphenols), phthalates and PVC. That means you can be sure your favorite drink is clear of any toxic substances.


    使用材料和零件的產品是由優質不銹鋼製成,金屬部件易於回收和無害化。 產品不含BPA(雙酚),鄰苯二甲酸酯和PVC。 這意味著你可以確定你最喜歡的飲料是沒有任何有毒物質。

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