CLESIGN Infinite stretch 100% ECO CORK BLOCK

CLESIGN Infinite stretch - CORK BLCOK

(CLESIGN Patent No:#ZL201930197487.0)

It is the only yoga block featuring FOUR different heights for maximum versatility!

Its unique angles allow you to use it flat or diagonally.

The original, ergonomic design opens up amazing new possibilities for using against a wall!


100% sustainable CORK, all-natural and eco-friendly cork which offers the best combination of comfort and firmness. 


Cork is naturally anti-microbial and contains suberin, a waxy substance in plants that makes it resistant to absorbing moisture.


Great to use in pairs

CLESIGN Infinite stretch 100% ECO CORK BLOCK

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    Products are manufactured in the Philippines by CLESIGN

    CLESIGN has carried out the export optimization of the global ISO warehouse, and we will uniformly arrange the world's fastest way of shipment under the international transportation ISO inspection.

    We have warehouses around the world in Manchester (UK) , Brisbane(Australia), Hong Kong, Taiwan,  Shenzhen(2020)(China). We are fortunate that CLESIGN product was able to reach customers all over the world unimpeded! The product ship from any warehouse depends on stock availability.
    Please note before you confirm the order.

    You may verify your product at CLESIGN NFC system. Never worry get a fake product.

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