Organic Amazon Grass TOWEL™


Original Series Eco Yoga Towels


The concept we designed for the ocean and the forest, this means the wonders of nature, Beautifully detailed naturalistic leaves that softly diffuse into a Blue-green
One of the most impressive water bodies on Earth, Surrounding the river’s drainage basin, the Amazon Rainforest is just as impressive, With all that space, it’s no wonder the South American rainforest plays host to more species than any other bio reserve on the planet, including countless species that have yet to be recorded.


A yoga towel has two designs; buy a towel equal to buy two towels!

Why buy a separate yoga towel, beach towel and travel towel, when one can perform in all three activities? 
CLESIGN makes go-anywhere towels designed for travel, yoga, beach, camping and more. This quick-dry, antimicrobial, packable towel is made from certified Organic environmental protection materials material.

Organic Amazon Grass TOWEL™

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    Original Series Eco Yoga Towels

    The Product consists of:

    • Small amounts of Carbon fiber
    • Organic ECO polyester blend combined with carbon fiber
    • ECO water-based inks
    • While washable fabric adopts the novel cationic island silk fiber suede.
    • Organic no toxic certification water based inks, High-tech heat sublimation printing.

    100% Eco-friendly Materials, Sustainable/ plant-based materials
    Hand seam; join the fair trade organization.

    Fabric adopts the novel cationic island silk fiber, make the product have the advantage of another than wool, the fabric is elegant and chic, environment-protecting type heat preservation noise reduction wear- is good in heat preservation effect, Is wrinkle-resistant and can be washed and dried, long in service life and capable of sound absorption good wear resistance is achieved. The extra cushion is so stable and responsive grip to reduce injuries.

    Approx. 0.35kg

    185cm long x 68cm wide

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