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SOS! - That's Save Our Sea Ice in Polar Bear Language
Polar Bears International’s Save Our Sea Ice campaign focuses attention on the challenges polar bears face in a warming Arctic and the part each of us can play in stopping climate change.
Polar Bear Week, October 30-November 5, 2016 - Take our Energy Challenge!

Original Series Eco Yoga Mats
Product Specifications::
※Material:: 100% Natural Rubber foundation, for strength.
※Length:: 1830mm
※Width:: 680mm
※Thickness:: 4mm
※Average Weight:: 3kg

CLESIGN criteria included the following:
※ No PVC or Synthetic Rubber
※ Free from harmful dyes and chemicals
※ 100% Biodegradable
※ Durable (i.e. will last me for years to come)
※ Slip Resistant.

Original Series Eco Yoga Mats- Save the polar bear Planted™

SKU: Fundraiser-03
$178.00 Regular Price
$89.00Sale Price
    • Moisture-responsive non-slip surface, for grip.
    • 100% Natural rubber foundation, for strength.
    • Antimicrobial closed cell construction, for cleanliness.
    • Artwork that guides alignment, for posture.