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Hi Soft Touch feel

CLÉSIGN are the designers and makers of The mats PRO for active lives. Our yoga mats are made from a hi-tech 100% natural rubber like materials, specially formulated to be soft to touch without compromising on strength or support.

Magical Quality

We in our own producing the best quality product by combining the latest in technologies with all natural materials, combination of technical know-how and unwavering commitment to luxury is what sets CLÉSIGN apart from other yoga mats.

Unlimited Extreme GRIP

Warrior ultimate non-slip formula, It stays grippy even when sweaty-wet ensures extra safety and supportive comfort you can rely on for what ever your fitness needs.



CLÉSIGN The Mats Pro surface is water and sweat resistant and mix combination of carbon fibre, so that he quickly perspiration providing a dry and moisture free platform for your workout.

CLÉSIGN The combination of carbon fibre, so that he quickly perspiration antimicrobial surface layer provides you with protection from potentially harmful bacteria and mould build-up. This gives you the peace of mind that your yoga mat will stay fresh and germ free for longer.

Environmentally friendly

We use USA recycling environmentally friendly tires and mix carbon fiber & Japan recycled plastic bottles to make it more resilient on the top, 100% Environmentally friendly natural rubber grown in our own tree garden, constructed from hi-tech phthalate-free Toxic Chemicals (EX: PVC, PET..ect..) which is 100% eco-friendly, toxic-free, biodegradable and recyclable. It’s the healthy choice for you and our planet!

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